Here it is, folks. The final version of ModOhFun! (aside from bug fixes and tweaks) is here.

ModOhFun! v3.0:
- ADDED: Even MORE weapons and uber cube spawns. There are now over 15 different uber cubes to come across.
- ADDED: New bosses, now the enemy list is complete, with every enemy having 3 enemies to choose from. (except for the demon/spectre, which has 6)
- CHANGED: You can only carry one slot 8 weapon now.
- CHANGED: Tier 2 and tier 3 ubercubes have a small chance of dropping a tier 1 cube on death
- CHANGED: The shotsaw is now a regular SSG replacement, rather than a uber cube weapon.
- CHANGED: Super boxes (A demon replacement) no longer appear outside of uber cubes, as they were  too similar to super trees. They're now replaced with a boy and his dogs.
- CHANGED: Even more enemies have been recolored or has new sprites to help distinguish them from items and decoration.
- CHANGED: Magic weapons can raise totems from a further range now.
- CHANGED: The nova knight has been replaced with something more interesting and threatening.    

- FIXED: A fucking lot of HUD mistakes...
- FIXED: Cleaned up most of the errors displayed in console
- FIXED: If pistol was set to infinite, it still would not fire the gun if you didn't have any bullets left.

EDIT: Whoops, I just realized a mistake I did where the pistol uses the altfire on primary fire. That's been fixed now (now its version 3.0.1!)


ModOhFun!_V3.0.pk3 205 kB
Apr 01, 2019

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