ModOhFun v2.2 released.

So I’m gonna go ahead and release ModOhFun v2.2 today!

ModOhFun! v2.2:
- ADDED: New uber weapons, along with new uber cube spawns.
- ADDED: New difficulty modes, which has normal doom monsters instead of randomized ones. Uber cubes will still spawn if enabled.

- CHANGED: Infinite pistol is no longer a seperate weapon you start with, instead you can swap between infinite and normal pistol at any time.
- CHANGED: Psychic punch for infinite pistol now turns the infinite pistol into a sniper rifle, giving it extremely accurate shots and higher damage.
- CHANGED: The Big Explodey Gun's radius damage now works against boss monsters.
- CHANGED: The plasma archdemon (red cyberdemon) will now only teleport on pain when it has less than 1500 health.
- CHANGED: Backpacks now have a small chance of spawning a tier 2 uber cube.
- CHANGED: A tier 2 cube will also have a chance of spawning where a BFG is.

- FIXED: Mangiant's slaves can no longer use teleporters.
- FIXED: Gave the upside down cacodemon new sprites, instead of using negative scaling. I've noticed in a live stream by Mr Icarus that in a gzdoom version he was using, the cacodemon's sprite offset was way off, making it appear as if it were invisible.

- REMOVED: Wolfenstein SS and Commander keen replacements, so that mods like scythe 2 would work better with this.
- REMOVED: Automatically selecting doom2.wad as the iwad, completely forgot about plutonia and tnt being an option too. whoops.


ModOhFun!_V2.2.pk3 171 kB
Dec 08, 2018

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