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Mayhem Mansion, you explore a haunted mansion full of giant disembodied lips, TV with legs, angry books, and other things trying to kill you for no reason whatsoever, but don't worry because you have your trusty weaponry and magic!

Explore beyond just the mansion, clean out the infestation of the city, discover what is hidden within the nearby volcano, and ultimately find the person behind the mayhem!

Information of monsters, weapons, etc etc can be found here:

Release date Oct 31, 2015
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorLogic Obscure Productions
TagsDoom, FPS, Singleplayer, Surreal, zdoom
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Tumblr, Patreon


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is there a stand alone pk3 I store away alot of mods and I would very much like to not have 20 different copies of gzdoom

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I was going to say the pk3 itself is already standalone and can run with gzdoom just fine, but I actually forgot the maps were separate from the pk3 itself as MM_Levels.wad (I was updating this so many times in 2021 that I really got tired of importing and exporting the maps wad file over and over), while running both the pk3 and map wad together in gzdoom would still work perfectly fine, I still went ahead and updated the download to have the maps added into the pk3 for convenience. 

thank man you're the goat

I'm playing it now and I've reached Level 5. It's one wacky game alright, complete with sound effects from Spider Solitare XP, Spyro the Dragon, and possibly more. 

The only things I don't really like is that it's on ZDoom and not GZDoom, and the only stat you can see is the Secrets, not the Monsters or Items. But it's your mod, so you make what you want, however you want.

chaos ambiguous products enigma from concentrated design

wondering construction symmetry false random accusations

a mansion infects haunting visions thoughtfully selected

reality beyond sequel or another dream


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EDIT: This has been fixed in version 1.41!

I know why there’s a bug related to the HUD not being centered in the version v1.21! I I found that bug reoccurring in GZDoom 4.6 and 4.5.

The line 55 of the file “SBARINFO” in the Mayhem Mansion PK3 is the one causing that problem. Replace that…

drawimage "STBAR", -134, 164;

… with this.

drawimage "STBAR", 0, 164;

I used Slade to find and edit the file.


I managed to find a fix so it works with zdoom, lzdoom and gzdoom. Instead of using offsets with sbarinfo, I put offsets on the image itself. 

thank you for 1.13! however there is some question in lvl 6 remake.

- can you still pick up golden skulls? 

- the secret (where you find cherry bomb),there is a light on wall on it,but it doesn't seems to be open as i remember.

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did you pick up the phone and then talk to the NPC who requests the golden skulls? it works for me.

crap,i don't see nor hearing phone ringing.

map 3, elevator won't drop its shroud?

i don't get it,maybe you should get a screenshot

maybe because i'm playing this on easy mode, but this giant silver guy won't spawn in this room for some reason, and it seems like killing him is the trigger for the elevator.


noted, gonna release a new version around halloween with a buncha fixes.

good day,i would like to report a bug,not really alot in lvl 4 and lvl 5 so here goes. 

lvl 4

-when you pick all 4 ingredients,the passage doesn't open up

-the johnny tank secret doesn't count as a secret

lvl 5

when you kill final boss,the teleport exit doesn't open up

that's all,i hope that is useful! :)

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"-when you pick all 4 ingredients,the passage doesn't open up"

theres 5 ingredients to get before it opens.

EDIT: WAIT, i figured out the problem, yeah it requires a zeta emblem too for some reason, ill have to fix that. (just put "give zetaa" in console for now)

"when you kill final boss,the teleport exit doesn't open up"


lemme fix it... =_=

don't forget about johnny tank secret doesn't count as secret :) 

fun fact: in 1.1 ver lvl 3, i don't get stuck in bombs room,i don't know how.

level 2, stuck at 7 keys.... hint?

you will pick up the map that should tell keys

I figured it out: in the blue room with the green elevator floor, you can trigger the floor to not go down all the way, and if you missed the switch to open up the road, you won't be able to progress.

Few extra problems spotted in level 6, one of which can break the level, 1.12 coming at some point lol.


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How to leave the bombs room (First time you see them as a weapon) on level 3? I kick prisoner's butt with my melee, he vanishes, but then nothing happens. Stone pillar won't move. I just lick this room in and out seeking a solution, throwing bombs at pillar/hint box/ribbon, pressing "Use" on every centimetre of the walls, yet it is absolutely futile. I've been stumbling upon this problem for almost four years of playing MM, I think it's time to solve it (Well, maybe it's just me being stupid as hell). Here's the screen of that room
I'm using latest GZDOOM version

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Yeeeeeeep that's a bug that's been haunting this level for years and I forgot to check up on this bug for 1.1, especially since I never had run into it myself. I'll try having it fixed in the next version. x_x

Thanks! Can you please tell me where can I find the last ingidient (It looks like some kind of gray can) for potion on level 4? Searched with noclip/editor, still can't find it

Plus. I've found a few more bugs, I'll report them here, if you'll ever wish to fix them
- Level 3, invisible line. Line is somehow connected to the elevator, so it probabbly messes the line up

- Level 3, warp door closes after player enters sand man's chamber, though it can not sometimes, because TV man that appears behind it can block it

- Level 4, at this place there is no line block for bridge at both sides. This way I was able to walk on lava freely, it didn't kill me

- Also there is a way to jump really high using the "Ice anvil" spell, same as rocket jump. It is very fun tough o_o

(1 edit)

All those been fixed, dunno what i can do about the anvil though, i know how to remove the ability to "anvil jump" but it makes the anvil not hurt you at all, which is something i don't want. so i dunno what to do. 

Edit: Also, that last ingredient is in the volcano, should be unlocked after you got everything else.

How can I play v1.1 with GZDOOM? Zdoom is unholy, scales everything up like crazy

you have to load both MayhemM_EE_v1.1 and MM_Levels into it


you're welcome,took me about 10 mins to think about this

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

theres gonna be an update (1.1) sometime down the line


Made a video


Fantastic, brilliant, bloody awesome, love it. Here's Part 1.