Hopefully the last update, a few more things addressed!

1.20 changes

- ADDED: Widescreen friendly HUD

- CHANGED: You can no longer "rocket jump" with ice anvil or monkey swarm spells.

- CHANGED: For shops, you can no longer waste cash on attempting to buy stuff you're already maxed out on.

- CHANGED: The ammo combiner now displays how much ammo is needed for each highlighted ammo type.

- FIXED: In level 6, when you leave the upper part of the mansion where you get the experiment's eye, the ambience doesn't stop and can remain for the rest of the level.

- FIXED: In level 6, another softlock found! You can leave the room full of numerous chests without obtaining a can of thunderstorms, but you can't return to that chest room. You however NEED the can of thunderstorms (found in the chest room) to progress.

- CHANGED: The level 6 boss has been nerfed, along with some new attacks.

- MISC: Added some missing credits


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Mar 11, 2021

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