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It's a doom mod where you use flex seal products as weapons! Flex seal your enemies to the floor, and then saw 'em in half! And then, you can tape them back together with FLEX TAPE!

This is still very work-in-progress, many placeholders and unfinished things are present.
I would still like to add many more features and weapons for future releases, right now though I'm fresh out of ideas.

Current monsters that can be flex sealed: All zombies, lost soul, cacodemon, pain elemental, demon, revenant
Not all enemies have a saw animation yet, but still will spawn items when sawed and can be resurrected with flex tape.

(This mod is not affiliated with Flex Seal Products, this is merely a fan doom mod)

StatusOn hold
CategoryGame mod
Release date Jan 12, 2019
AuthorLogic Obscure Productions
Tagsdoom, doom-mod, flex-seal
LinksTwitter, Tumblr, Patreon


FlexSealDoom-Alpha4.pk3 3 MB

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do you need doom

Doom 2, yes.